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Questions for prospective birth or postpartum doulas:

  • What training or experience have you had?

  • What is your fee and what services does it cover? (Be sure to find out exactly what she will and won't do. For example, if you're expecting her to cook or help with an older child, make sure that's included.)

  • What happens if I give birth earlier or later than expected? Is your schedule flexible, and if not, can you refer me to another doula if need be?

  • Can you provide references from other families you've worked for? (And be sure to check those references!)

  • Do you have a back up doula if you cannot attend my birth or make a postpartum shift? Can we meet her ahead of time?

  • What is your cancellation policy?

  • What if you don't personally agree with something about our philosophy?

  • Have you had any additional training in other disciplines?

Keep in mind your personal response to a prospective doula during the interview.

  • Does she seem kind, warm, and energetic?

  • Does she seem knowledgeable?

  • Does she communicate well?

  • Is she a good listener?

  • Would you feel comfortable having her in your home?

  • Do you feel pressured in any way by her?


As you meet with possible candidates keep in mind that your level of comfort and relatability you have with your doula are as crucial to the amount of experience or education she has to the experience you will have with her. This is a very intimate and vulnerable time for many families and feeling that you are able to communicate freely, are comfortable in many situations with her, and have a warm, open connection will make a world of difference.

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