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Looking for some education and guidance through your journey to parenthood? Not sure you are ready to invest in birth doula or postpartum care services? You've come to the right spot. Getting prepared for birth and early parenthood can seem like a daunting task, piecing together which books to read and which classes to take but I help to make it easy with a one stop shop yet comprehensive and personalized approach to help you get ready to welcome your baby. Whether its birth preparation or making sure you have the tools and understanding of what is entailed in postpartum recovery and newborn care, consults are tailored around your goals and desires to help you have a seamless transition into parenthood.

Each session will be spent discussing your hopes and building a road map to achieve your goals.


Birth Preparation:

For birth consults you can expect to be prepared for the biologically normal birth process, common things that arise during births, decisions you will need to make around care for you and your newborn, common hospital procedures, emergency situations, and early bonding and breastfeeding. We will also discuss comfort measures for labor and understanding and processing anxieties or fears around birth or parenting that can impact your labor. This will take place over the course of 3 sessions either in person or virtually based on your location and comfort level. 

Postpartum Preparation:

Postpartum planning is often overlooked and can be the most important and impactful part of welcoming a new baby. It helps to reduce stress, keep you and your family organized as you navigate the first few months of parenthood. It will also give you a leg up on understanding how newborns operate and communicate their needs to you. We will go over newborn communication and care including feeding, diapering, bathing, cord and nail care, sleep and soothing as well as community resources that may prove very helpful for you during this time and products you may or may not need for your baby.  We will also cover your postpartum recovery and what you can expect, tips to help you cope and be more comfortable, hoe partners can stay involved and be most supportive while still taking care of themselves. This also takes place over the course of 3-4 visits depending on your level of experience.

Welcoming Multiples:


Breast/Chest Feeding Consultations:

Sleep Consultations:

Newborn Care:

I am also available at an hourly rate via phone text or email for support if you just need a question answered here or there. You can purchase time in blocks of 2 hours.


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