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{Sleep Support}

Learning strategies for a lifetime of healthy sleep habits starts on day one. Through gentle guidance and techniques I will help your family get the best start towards restful nights and happier days. It is completely normal and actually essential for a young baby to have some night time wakings for the first year. Working with your family to establish a routine that promotes optimal sleep is important for laying the ground work for future sleep patterns and healthy development. Whether you are experiencing sleep issues or just want to get off to the right start, I will work with your family to personalize a plan that is right for you.

Overnight Postpartum Doula Support:

An overnight doula  will help you get off to the best start from day one. She will help with day/night confusion that often occurs in the first weeks of life and in the following weeks she will also help establish good daytime feeding and napping habits to help promote longer stretches of more restful sleep overnight for everyone.

Sleep Consultations:

A sleep consultation typically occurs when there are sleep issues with a baby and consists of a phone interview where I will gather information about your particular situation, help you trouble shoot obvious issues. I will ask you to keep a sleep journal for a week and will reconvene with you via phone call after I've had a chance to review your journal. From there I can help you establish even more techniques or tools to help your family along in more quality sleep.  As we work together, I am available during normal business hours for for phone calls, emails or text messages with questions. In the event that I cannot help you over the phone, I will meet with you in your home to provide hands on support.​

Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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