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{Meet Amy}

Amy Johnson, Doula, CBE, CLC

Hello, my name is Amy Johnson and I am a  mother to three wonderful boys. I grew up in Denver, Colorado and relocated with my children to Boston in 2006 where I lived for nearly 12 years. I am excited to be back in Colorado now, exploring with my kiddos, enjoying the dry climate, all of the sunshine, and breathing in that fresh mountain air!


It has been an honor and a privileged to have been supporting women in the roles as a Certified Lactation Consultant, Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Sleep Consultant, and Childbirth Educator for the past 10 years. Working to empower women and families has been incredibly fulfilling and I am so lucky to be doing what I love. Its really such an honor and a privileged to be able to share this experience with so many beautiful families. 

I began this journey many years ago with the birth of my own child. Despite having three complicated pregnancies myself, I LOVED being pregnant, was fascinated with the whole process, the miracle birth, those little fingers and toes, and the sweet smell of my precious newborn baby. As a  young, new mama with my first and second babes, I was incredibly lucky and so grateful to have my own grandmother, mother, and sister by

my side to support, nurture, and care for us. They helped guide me  through, and answered all of the questions that I had. When my third son was born in 2009, we were living in Boston, 2,000 miles away from any family and he was born 7 weeks premature. Even though I was a third time mom, having a preemie was a whole new ball game and I was more vulnerable than ever before. Despite all of my previous experience as a mom, this was different! I was alone and scared and I really felt it. I missed the reassurance, the comfort, the love, support, and confidence I had when my other children were born. I was teetering on the line of postpartum depression. My plate was so full that there was little time to care for myself and I suffered in silence. This experience motivated me to help other families and moms avoid what had happened to me and happens to new moms all too often.  Postpartum support is not a privilege. It is a necessity that many new moms go without.

My oldest child, now 27 years old, was born with severe to profound hearing loss. While raising him has given me immense joy and it has also been challenging at times and in many surprising ways, a wonderful gift. Because of my experience in raising him, I have developed a true understanding of diversity in many facets. I am able to speak American Sign Language fluently, have a great understanding specifically of Deaf Culture, and appreciate the many challenges facing people with diverse cultural and medical backgrounds.

All through history women have been supporting women in childbirth and the postpartum period. Grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins etc. In today's society we are living further apart in some cases, working full time jobs or have other circumstances that prevent us from being together. I want to be one of those supporting women. My birth philosophy is that each and every moms and babies, regardless of any circumstance, deserves love, support, autonomy, and empowerment through their birth process and postpartum recovery.  I fully believe that women should be able to make informed choices about their bodies in labor, during birth, and the care you and your newborn will receive. My job is to help you to navigate the risks and benefits of your options by sharing as much evidence based information as I possibly can. I am here to listen to you and  support the decisions you and your partner make, unconditionally.  I can't guarantee a picture perfect birth but I truly look forward to helping empower women to advocate for themselves, feel loved and supported, and have the birth experience they envision for themselves and their babies. A large part of my love for this work is also to be able affect a change that creates a more positive attitude towards childbirth in every aspect.


As a postpartum doula I look forward to watching a new family change and find their footing, discover the knowledge that is already within them and get to know one another. It is so rewarding for me to see new parents find success and confidence in their abilities as they explore new dynamics of their changing relationships and roles in the family. With so many old and new traditions and ways of doing things, part of my role as your postpartum doula is being a supportive, unbiased resource for you in exploring different styles and methods to find what works or is best for your family. I also provide the practical support necessary to keep your household running smoothly while you recover and get to know your baby. I will be emotionally supportive, celebrating the joys and holding your hand through bumps new parents experience. And last but certainly not least, snuggling those sweet little ones when you need a hot shower, a fresh meal, or just a good nap! 

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you along your

journey to parenthood!

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