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A few words from some of the families I have had
the pleasure to work with...
I can’t recommend Amy highly enough. I didn’t think I was a doula kind of person and I wasn’t planning on having postpartum care but after a difficult labor I needed help. She was professional, on time, and easy to talk to – I didn’t feel as if my space was invaded or that I had to explain what I needed. She was very responsive to our schedule and needs and flexible when required. I didn’t know that it would be so challenging just to take a nap, do the laundry, or get food prepared. She also helped me as I figured out how to feed the baby (and tell if he was getting enough and healthy), give him a bath, and use the various baby carriers. He was perfectly comfortable with her and would fall right asleep. While she was caring for me my whole family got the norovirus (two weeks after the baby was born!) and I don’t know how we’d have managed without her help.
Thanks Amy!-GW
Amy worked with our family as a post-partum doula. She came at night to help us with our daughter from when she was four to ten weeks old, and also came during the day at our request to give advice on breastfeeding, infant massage, infant sign language, and games and play. Our daughter started sleeping through the night at seven weeks, in no small part due to Amy's help! Amy was excellent with our daughter, always warm, gentle and kind. She was also very supportive of me as a new mother, and her support and advice were truly invaluable. She helped me get through a difficult time, and for that I will always be grateful. Amy is a wealth of information and was always willing to readily share with us. She is a very positive person, always easy to work with, consistently warm and friendly, and very reliable. She went out of her way to be available by phone and email for questions, and fit in extra visits when requested. Amy is a wonderful doula and person, and we can't recommend her highly enough.
- The C family-Boston.
We were so lucky to have found Amy after our twins were born. As first time parents, we were incredibly joyful but a little overwhelmed, to say the least, with bringing home TWO babies! Amy was key in helping me to learn how to juggle feeding and caring for two babies while still trying to take care of myself and my recovery from my c-section. She helped with organizing the nursery, cooking dinners, cleaning up, laundry, charting my children’s schedules and keeping track of who ate and slept, how much and when, as well as diaper changes. She also set up changing stations around the house to make diapering and changing easier on me. She allowed me the rest I needed after the long sleepless nights of getting up with my babies and I always felt at ease when she came to our home. After my return to work, she began working as our overnight doula a few days a week. We cannot thank Amy enough for helping us in those first 6 months. No doubt about it, she was essential in our success and we are better parents for it! -  The M family- Boston

Amy was our overnight Doula for our third child who started consistently sleeping through the night (7:00pm-7:30am) by just under 4 months old and we thank Amy for that. She helped us establish a schedule that encouraged healthy sleep habits for our whole family. She enabled us to be better parents to all 3 of our children,  more relaxed and much less tired...even with the shocking few weeks I had with mastitis. I don't know what we would have done without her!

The P family-Sudbury

Dear Amy,

We will never be able to express to you how grateful we are that you have been in our lives these last months. Because of you, we are now confident and skilled parents! You've been our doula, our confidant, our support and our friend. I am so glad you have been with us since the day our daughter was born and I am so excited that we've become such good friends throughout all the baby raising craziness. Thanks for everything!

The S family-Framingham


It is with great pleasure that I write a letter of highest recommendation for Amy Johnson. Amy helped my husband and I with our newborn son during the immediate postpartum period advising us on how to care for a newborn and ourselves during such an incredibly overwhelming and emotional period in our lives. During her time with us she quickly became someone I could trust, talk to and rely on for unbiased evidence-based information and sincere support. She has continued to be available to answer questions and provide impressive advice, which is a quality that makes her stand out from the rest.


Amy’s professional, supportive and gentle guidance allowed me to have the confidence to make important decisions concerning my labor and newborn care. In her time with us it was clear that her dedication was not only to the wellbeing of a newborn but also to the well being of the parents and their relationship during such a monumental time. She allowed my family to have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing and postpartum experience.

Amy has been very productive in her career as a doula and will undoubtedly continue to improve many mothers, and families experience during the prenatal, birthing and postpartum period. I have no hesitation in providing her my highest recommendation.

- L. Butler M.D.-Boston


I have known Amy in many capacities, firstly of which was her role a postpartum doula for me after the birth of my first child. I am now proud to call Amy one of my closest friends. 


Upon meeting Amy, I was struck by her character immediately. She radiated confidence, calm, empathy and warmth, things which as I was about to become a mother, were balm to my soul.  

As a doula she exhibited so many qualities that I admired. She was unfailingly reliable, constantly reassuring and so incredibly patient, not just with my child, but with me.  Amy let me know that even though she worked nights with us, if I had any concerns I could call her anytime, that she was always there for me as a resource. As a worrying first time mom, that happened quite a lot. I would call Amy at 8 am somedays, after she had been up all night with my child, when god knows she should have been sleeping, and pepper her with questions that she kindly and so patiently answered.   As a mother herself, she told me that all of her charges became her babies, and I never for one moment doubted that after seeing her interact with my daughter.  I honestly do not know what I would have done without her.

As a friend, as a person, as a mother, Amy is a person who I admire intensely.  She puts others first, and is always there to talk, support, counsel and is one of the most nurturing people I have ever had the good fortune to meet. In addition, she is capable, intelligent, honest, dedicated and gives time, energy and love to her friends freely,  while balancing being a mom and working full time. In short, I feel blessed in knowing Amy, and I am so very grateful that she came into our lives .

-J. Clancy -Waltham

I can not recommend Amy highly enough. When my husband and I left the hospital with our first child, born a month prematurely, Amy met us at the house and whisked around getting it ready to welcome our baby. She knew exactly what we needed (and didn't need) to make an otherwise terrifying transition easier. Throughout the months that followed, Amy was always available to answer my questions and ease my worries. She helped me through a difficult time with breast feeding and essentially taught my son how to sleep. To this day, friends are still impressed with my sons ability to soothe himself to sleep and stay asleep, all thanks to the foundational skills Amy taught us. I was fortunate enough to work with Amy again when my second child was born a few months ago. Not only is she imparting all her infant knowledge on us one more time, she is helping my son with the transition to big brother. In so many ways, Amy has become an extension of our family. I strongly recommend her.  

Here is what husband had to say about Amy.   

She has an excellent "cribside" manner and it's clear that caring for children is her passion. She always has the best interests of children in mind and she is flexible in her thinking as well as her schedule. Amy does a good job of following instructions for "extras" like practical tasks such as doing dishes or prepping meals. She is neat and organized and most importantly, has a knack for staying calm during chaotic moments such as when baby is crying or a parent is overwhelmed or frustrated. 

-Hartman Family- Dover

Let me assure you that having Amy support you and your family will be the best decision made and asset to your life.

I met Amy a few months before my daughter was born in 2015. We had spoken on the phone a couple of times and met at a coffee shop. Within minutes, I knew this was the woman I wanted to care for my daughter and me. I didn’t call references or ask for recommendations. I hired Amy because I knew in my heart that she was a wonderful person; a wonderful mother to her three boys (who are amazing and kind) and a respectable human being. Amy displays traits of kindheartedness, generosity and overall goodness.

Amy carries many strengths-her greatest is her “on-call” flexibility and passion for her job. Although Amy doesn’t refer to her work as a job, but rather a love, she is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to caring for babies and their overall development. Amy devotes her full attention to the well being of each child and provides beneficial feedback to the parents. I’ve seen it with me as well as other new mothers.

While I could speak volumes about Amy from both a personal and professional level, I’ll let my daughter’s actions and well being do the talking. Molly was sleeping through the night at 7 weeks. She was able to self-soothe. Molly gained weight and developed appropriately. Although Molly went through the “witching hours” the first couple of months, Amy had many different interventions that helped to soothe Molly. In addition to caring for my daughter and me, Amy prepared meals, washed our clothes and straightened our house.

In the year I’ve known Amy, she has truly become a part of my family. Being a single mother by choice and having had a difficult delivery and postpartum depression, I look back and don’t know what I would have done without Amy’s support; her kind, gentle demeanor, knowledge of caring for babies and

overall sensitive soul. Today, Amy and I frequently talk and see each other. She has become my friend and for that, I am grateful.

Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Amy for your birth and postpartum support. She’s worth any “push” present that you may want from the jewelry store. And, you can guarantee a new friend for life!


Amy was our savior. Seriously. But let me start at the beginning.

Leading up to the birth of my first child, I was becoming increasingly nervous. You can read all the books and the blogs, but unless you've had actual experience with babies, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and nervous with anticipation. Between my husband and I, we'd had no young children/babies in our extended families that were local, so we didn't have much hands on experience. Also, in our particular situation, having a grandparent or other relative come stay for a while was not an option either. While I had heard of doula support during the birthing process, I had no idea that they could offer postpartum support as well. In speaking with a very good friend who had benefited from Amy's help after the birth of her first child, I decided to explore the idea of having her help my husband and I as well.

Amy was so relaxed and friendly when she came for an initial interview at our house. Even after that first conversation, my husband could tell that I already felt better and more confident. Leading up to the birth of our son, Amy visited again to check out our nursery and supplies, and helped us get everything organized and make sure we weren't missing anything. Amy came over the first night we came home from the hospital, and it was so helpful to know that she would be there, as those first few days on your own can be really daunting.

For the next several weeks, Amy helped us with everything...from the big things like breastfeeding support and soothing techniques, to the little things that people can forget about like making sure I ate enough and drank enough water. And she makes amazing scrambled eggs :) Her support during overnights was such a big let me get those precious few hours of sleep while being able to rest easy knowing that the baby was in such capable hands. Even when she wasn't there, Amy was always available via phone or text to answer my endless questions, and always had a good tip to give me.

One of the best and most important things about Amy is that, not only is she extremely knowledgeable about all things 'baby', but the way she conveys and shares that knowledge makes it very easy to receive. There's zero judgement, and no pressure to do things "her way"...she's just there as an amazing support and resource!

I feel very lucky that I met Amy, and will be forever grateful for the help that she gave to our new family. I recommend her without hesitation or reservation.

Amy was a great help to me and my wife. I was skeptical at first of having somebody I had just met come stay at our house and, but I felt a lot better after meeting her. Having Amy at the house the night we came home from the hospital made the transition a lot easier, and I could tell my wife was much less nervous knowing that she would be there for us. Now I can say it was probably the best money we spent, and I've recommended her to several friends who are about to have their first babies. We will definitely be asking Amy to help us again if we are fortunate enough to have another baby.


-C. & M. Hannigan-Abington

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